Lucia Getsi Reading Series 2013 – Image Gallery & Audio Recordings

Welcome to the inaugural SRPR Lucia Getsi Reading! The night was a smash success, thanks to SRPR poets Joshua Corey, Naomi Buck Palagi, William Stobb, and Holms Troelstrup, who rocked the Ewing Manor’s old stone bones with stunning performances to a standing-room-only crowd. Lucia Cordell Getsi, SRPR’s long-time editor and benefactor, flew in for the event from South Carolina: thank you Lucia! Enjoy the pics, and check out below the audio recording of the readings!

Photo Credits: Sarah Berryman


We dumped the option of video-recording the event and posting it on YouTube. Not that technology intimidated us or our readers were video-shy; rather, we think the AUDIO-ONLY version will keep the distraction to minimum. You can close your eyes and listen and let the words burn into your somatic memory with a sparkful hiss. There’s a risk of post-concussion. But since when has that stopped admirers of sexy poetry?


Credits: Live audio recorded and mixed by Brian Hedgepeth


Joshua Corey’s Reading:

Naomi Buck Palagi’s Reading:

William Stobb’s Reading:

Holms Troelstrup’s Reading:

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