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Our mailing address is:

SRPR (Spoon River Poetry Review)
4241 English Department
Illinois State University
Normal, Illinois 61790-4241

Our Team


Kirstin Hotelling Zona

Managing Editor:

Emily Johnston

Feature Poet & SRPR Interview Editor:

Joanne Diaz

SRPR Review Essay Editor:

Michael Theune

Contributing Editors:

Ewa Chrusciel, Duriel Harris, Kass Fleisher, Arielle Greenberg,Gabriel Gudding, and Andrew Schelling

Graduate Assistant:

Sanam Shahmiri

Senior Editorial Assistant:

Shailen Mishra

Manuscript Readers:

Kass Fleisher
Jamison Lee
Bill Morgan
Bryan Reid
Benjamin Sutton
Tessy Ward

Blog Editor:

Shailen Mishra

Website Manager:

Shailen Mishra


Danielle Duvick


The Illinois State University English Department's Publications Unit

Director of Publications Unit:

Steve Halle

Assistant Director of Publications Unit:

Holms Troelstrup

Production Assistant:

Sarah Lyons