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SRPR Editors' Prize 2017 Contest Results Announced

Winner - Kelly Michels, “Elegy for the Poppy”
First Runner-Up - Greg Emilio, "For Whenever You Eat This"
Second Runner-Up - Erika Goodrich, "Proof of Disappearing"
Honorable Mentions - John Sibley Williams,"Othering" | Stephanie Kartalopolous, “Dispatches from a Land” | Marcia Loughran, “Vespers” | Kelly Michels, “Communion with an Olive” | Greg Emilio, “Bethesda”

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Issue 42.2 is Here!

Cover Image Issue 42.2

The 2017 Winter Issue of SRPR (Spoon River Poetry Review) has been released. Thank you, Guest Poetry Editor Steve Halle, for compiling another politically bold issue that speaks directly to the current political climate in the United States. In the issue 42.2, you will find:

• Cover art by Lauren Levato Coyne

• New poems by Laura Van Prooyen, The SRPR Illinois Poet, plus an interview with Joanne Diaz, SRPR Feature Poet & Interview Editor

• The winning poem of 2017 Editors' Prize contest by Kelly Michels, the first runner-up poem by Greg Emilio, the second runner-up poem by Erika Goodrich, and honorable mentions

•Poems by Andrea Cohen, Sarah Gzemski, Lauren Michelle Jackson, Mayra Oyuela, Christopher Warner, and Sally Yazwinski, among many others

• The SRPR Review Essay by Jennifer Rane Hancock, who reviews the works of poetry by Angela Hume (middle time), Meghan Privitello (Notes on the End of the World), and Sam Witt (Little Domesday Clock)

Be sure to check out the SRPR blog, curated by SRPR Blog Editor, Shailen Mishra. "Like" us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter (SRPR_News) today! Table of Contents of the latest issue.


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