Contents - 41.2 Winter 2016

G. C. Waldrep, Judge (Pennsylvania)

Judge's Introduction to "The Secret of White," SRPR Editors' Prize Winner 2016

First Place: Nancy Hewitt (Massachusetts)

The Secret of White

Runner-Up: Leila Chatti (Michigan)

Ramadan Aubade

Runner-Up: Jennie Malboeuf (North Carolina)

Christ Is a Great Blue Heron

Honorable Mention: Leila Chatti (Michigan)

Autumn Aubade with Pigeons

Kaveh Akbar (Florida)

After I Read You a Poem About Punk Rock You Told Me
Do You Think God Has Time to Read Poems

Rosann M. Kozlowski (Massachusetts)

Upon Light That Be

Nancy Reddy (New Jersey)

Remastered Classic
Landscape with Hive, Foxhole, and Girl
May Wedding

Maria Terrone (New York)


Joseph Massey (Massachusetts)

The Wait

Kathryn Nuernberger (Missouri)

Things I Did Today Besides
Dear Reader, I’ve Been Preoccupied Lately by My Own Private Business

Jacques J. Rancourt (California)

Poem with No Deer

Derrick Austin (Wisconsin)

Portrait as Elizabeth Taylor on the Set of Suddenly, Last Summer
Monet’s Débâcle

Brittany Cavallaro (Wisconsin)

Sherlock Holmes Gives a Demonstration of His Methods
Self Portrait as Morocco Case, 1894

Lo Kwa Mei-en (Ohio)

Pinnochia, You Must Always Tell the Truth
The Magician’s Census

Ruben Quesada (Illinois)

Watching R. Budd Dwyer’s Suicide

Ann Hudson (Illinois)

Introducing the SRPR Illinois Poet
Parkinson's Ghazal
The Pond: June
Ward Manufacturing
Winter Morning
Red Suitcase

Ann Hudson and Joanne Diaz (Illinois)

The SRPR Interview: Ann Hudson

Shane McCrae (Ohio)

from “The Poor Believers”
from “The Poor Believers”

Tobias Wray (Wisconsin)

"Sonata for Clarinet" by John Cage
In the Name of the Father

Josh Kalscheur (New York)

Self Care
Baptismal Picture

Joelle Biele (Maryland)


Gretchen Primack (New York)


Nikola Champlin (Maine)

Primary Industry

Traci Brimhall (Kansas)

Reluctant Fugue

Jane Lin (New Mexico)

In the Course of Living
And the Earth Did Not Devour Me

Glenn Shaheen (Louisiana)

Modes of Thought in Great Contemporary Masters
Under All Conditions of Wind and Sea

Hannah Craig (Pennsylvania)

Lovely World

Ross White (North Carolina)

If I Am Ever to Be Tender
See Stars

Sandra Simonds (Florida)

A Poem for Alex

Dan Smart (Illinois)

Owls, Not What They Seem, Etc.
Undergraduate School by the Sea

John Beer (Oregon)

The SRPR Review Essay: To Write the Larger Scene: Notes on the New Political Lyric (entire essay)